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Miraflores translated directly from Spanish means “look at the (beautiful) flowers”. And that’s what my work is all about. Beautiful models, breathtaking places, memorable commercials, pretty faces, vivid colors!

Indoor, outdoor, studio, urban, scenery and arranged scenery.

Miraflores is the frequently given name to the most beautiful and picturesque district of Spanish speaking countries (Peru, Spain, Venezuela, Malaga).  Miraflores in Lima, Peru is where I put my hands back again on the camera after three years.

Once a finalist of the biggest Irish photography festival  “Photoireland Festival 2015” and having had my exhibition in the following year in “the back loft”, Dublin I took a three year long break. Then one day I upgraded my camera, bought plane tickets and took off to South America for my 5 weeks long trip across Peru. The first place I set my foot on was the incredibly beautiful district of Lima, known as Miraflores.


Snap the perfect pictures: capturing the real, vivid and sharp emotions in a vibrantly illuminated  frame. Sharp, sexy commercials, inspiring portraits!

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Camera Flash Lighting Equipment

I own a mobile studio:


two cameras, two shoe-triggered speedlights, four constant-light lamps two of which are multicolor, blends, reflectors, ultra-fast computer dedicated to editing photo and video, few lenses, dedicated portrait lens, bokeh-lens, lens-filters, camera grips, various camera grips, electric stabilizer gimbals and many more. Making possible video shooting in slow-motion as well as timelapse. And most importantly plenty of good ideas and creative minds!

How did it start?


My dad was a photographer at the police station. He captured portraits of those arrested and detained. I was running around police station as a 7 year-old-boy and my father taught me how to work with an analog camera (Praktica PLC-3) and all about developing pictures in a darkroom

Since then, I have done plenty of portraits, landscapes, night exposures and light-paintings and commercials. Also I did plenty of adventure traveling pictures on various places in the world.

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What floats my boat?


Surely photography, video, music, nature, books, meaningful conversations, chilling out, cooking, travelling and self-development. Also, every now and then I read and watch politics, math, economics and a bit of history. Yachting, hiking, bicycling, snow-boarding, wake-boarding and content producing in never-ending pursuit to better understanding the surrounding world

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